iMandala available on the App Store

iMandala is the new app for iOS that you can find on the App Store.

iMandala combines time-proven meditation techniques such as mandala and seed syllable visualization, with the soothing sound of Tibetan Bowls and Gongs, and with subtle and relaxing visual effects.

Mandalas and seed syllablesSeed Syllables in iMandala (Bīja) are employed in several spiritual traditions as a support to meditation and to convey a deeper meaning that is not attainable through the rational mind.

Mandalas have spiritual and ritual significance in Hinduism and Buddhism. Aside from aiding in meditaion, they are used to establish a sacred space and as a spiritual teaching tool.

Fully exploiting the powerful graphical capabilities of the iPad and the iPhone, iMandala adds visual effects to such visualizations in an attempt to make them more effective at capturing your focus and make your mind more present and less prone to distractions. Depending on your state of mind and your personal preference, you can choose whether the visual effect is stronger or lighter. iMandala is fully functional on the iPhone, too, but it really shines on the larger screen of the iPad.

Sounds will guide you through the meditation by playing a gong or a tibetan bowl sound at fixed time intervals; you can also choose how many repetitions you would like to have.
The discrete use of sound will help you to relax, since you don’t have to worry about the time passing, while also giving you another means to refocus in case you lost your attention.

If you are not an experienced practitioner of meditation, you can get more benefit from iMandala sounds if you choose a shorter repetition timeframe.

As usual, follow a set of basic guidelines when you are about to meditate: find a peaceful and quiet place; get comfortable; assume a correct position and relax your body; breathe.

iMandala aims to be a project open to the feedback from its users. If you would like to have any of iMandala features further developed, please send an email to us.