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Friends of Ten

Math Skills and Mental Calculation

    Math Skills

    Maths are an important part of everyday life and mental calculations are often useful to solve problems more effectively.

    A key step to become fluent in addition is learning which numbers sum to 10.

    Train your brain!

    Friends of Ten will help you learn how addition works by learning to recognise which numbers sum to 10, and which don’t.

    You will train your brain to quickly and confidently tell which sums are correct and which aren’t.

    Play it when you have some time to kill and have fun while improving your math skills.


    Friends of Ten is a “kill-them-all” challenge game where you gain points by tapping on a correct expression; you lose points when you tap on a wrong expression.

    You win by tapping all sums equals to 10 and letting the rest fall through.

    You can play either alone or against your friends using Game Center


    Ambience and Nighlight with Visuals


      Atmo is a nightlight for your iPhone and iPad. It gives you that special warm feeling that only a gentle light can generate.

      Atmo uses dynamic visuals and animations and provides a variety of background colours you can choose from to exactly control the light blend.


      Use it to create a special ambience while you are getting asleep, or when you need a soft light which will not disturb other people, be it to find your way to the bathroom or to breast/bottle feed a baby at night. You can also use it as a nightlight for your babies.

      Thanks to its timer, you can program your device go to sleep after a specified amount of time.


      Atmo can simulate a fireplace, an eclipse, snow falling, a burning star, a galaxy, a waterfall, a candle, or an atom nucleus to lighten your living space.

      It includes in-app purchase options to extend the number of available effects, which you can also temporarily enable by watching an Ad.