Catalan-English-Spanish Multidictionary

Dic:ph is a new concept of dictionary for your iPhone.
Enter a word in any of the supported languages (Catalan, Spanish, and English) and dic:ph will give you all the available information in all of them:
  1. two-way translation from/into Catalan and English;
  2. two-way translation from/into Catalan and Spanish;
  3. monolingual Catalan dictionary entries;
  4. conjugation tables for Catalan verbs.
All of this with the simplest and sleekest user interface that you can imagine of.
Dic:ph uses online resources offered by the
Institute of "Enciclop├Ędia Catalana" and DACCO. It requires an internet connection.
Send us your feedback and your suggestions
as to how we can improve this app.

Freescapes Labs is not affiliated in any way to DACCO nor to Grup Enciclopèdia Catalana.